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World Vegetarian Day is coming up so we wanted to celebrate all things veggie at Ma Petit Jamaica. We know Jamaica isn't the first country that comes to mind when you think of vegetarian cuisine, but there’s more to the nation than our beloved jerk chicken and curried goat. We’re here to give you a taste!

Jamaica is the perfect location for fresh and tasty vegetarian food. The tropical climate means there is no shortage of homegrown fruit and vegetables and the food is always bursting with flavour, full of locally grown herbs and spices. Jamaican food is also heavily influenced by Asian, especially Indian food, taking on a lot of the vegetarian traditions. Did you know the Indian diet was the inspiration for the vegan ital diet of the Jamaican Rastafarians?

Ital cooking is a way of preparing and cooking food that is consistent with Rastafarian beliefs and practices. For many in the Rastafari movement, it represents living off God’s land, free from the consumption of other creatures and in harmony with the natural world. To be vegan in Jamaica means to be a part of the rich food tradition of the island.

Jamaican history is at the heart of Ma Petit Jamaica and with that in mind we have a selection of traditional vegetarian dishes. These include; Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Fritters with coconut coulis and chili jam, Chickpea & Pumpkin Curry, Ital Vegetable Curry with basmati rice and a Stewed Jackfruit & Grilled Pineapple Burger. When it comes to sides there’s no shortage of options with Cassava Wedges, Fried Plantain, Rice N Peas, Dumplings and Festival to name a few.

So whether everyday is vegetarian day for you or you’d like to try something new, come down to Ma Petite Jamaica for a truly traditional Jamaican experience!

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